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The values that guide my work and my passion

Work & passion

  • Sustainability
    For me, every piece of furniture has a soul and a story. I am a firm believer in reusing and transforming objects to reduce our impact on the environment. Choosing a piece of furniture from my collection means choosing a future that respects our planet.

  • Creativity without limits
    My workshop is a space where imagination knows no bounds. I take my time and transform pieces of modern art, mixing colours, textures and styles to create something exceptional and unique.

  • Sharing knowledge
    For me, art is also about sharing and teaching. My creative workshops are an invitation to explore the world of furniture restoration, giving you the tools and confidence to express your creativity.

  • Personalisation
    Your interior should reflect your personality. I work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Each piece I create is unique, made specifically to match your living space.

Une journée formidable en compagnie de mon ancienne élève Annick de la boutique @vintagehome&more à Beckerich au Luxembourg.

  • Maryse Heya

    La palette des songes
Love it!


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