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At Vintage Home & More, discover expert advice and tailored supplies, along with a wide selection of vintage decorations and small furniture pieces to give your interior a unique touch!

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Atelier de Relooking Petit Mobilier

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Explore the Vintage Charm

This workshop is perfect for those who are new to the art of furniture painting, as well as for those looking to refine their technique and achieve exceptional finishes.

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Custom Private Workshop

Annick Boltz - Home Vintage & More - 1230 x 1230 - Workshop
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Custom Private Workshop

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An Exclusive Creative Experience

Embark on a Tailored Artistic Adventure! My private workshops are an invitation to explore your creativity in complete privacy.

Perfect for individuals or those seeking a personalized experience.

All dates for Custom Private Workshop

July : 25.7.2025 /

August : 1.8.2024 / 8.8.2024 / 15.8.2024 / 22.8.2024 / 29.8.2024 /

September : 5.9.2024

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